MIK is a brand owned by Thuy Minh Technology Joint Stock Company (TMC for short) exclusively in design, production and distribution in the Vietnamese market. MIK products are imported in complete units.

This is truly the brainchild of a lot of enthusiasm with the desire to have a breakthrough in design, superiority in features and price commensurate with quality, and MIK has been evaluated by consumers as suitable. Suitable for many subjects and meets the needs of studying, working and entertainment.

MIK ecosystem includes: Case, Power, Keyboard and Computer Mouse.

In particular, computer cases and power supplies are the key product groups that create value for the MIK and TMC brands that will spread widely in the Vietnamese market in the near future.

Specifically, we must first talk about the Case product group.

MIK has released many versions, from case lines with bold designs, pleasing students who like strength and boldness such as MIK DT03 Red Luffy, MIK LV07. Coming to compact lines like MIK TN06, MIK TN10 and meeting those who love the "fish tank" case trend like the MIK LV12 mini-Flow and LV12 mini-Elite lines.

Next, MIK launched the latest version, MIK AION. A completely new fish tank design with a mesh base wrapped around the front and sides. Minimalist design but provides maximum heat dissipation efficiency.

In October 2023, MIK continued to launch the MIK Lumine 4FA case line with improved materials and design around the body, aiming to increase the system's heat dissipation performance better, creating product durability.

In the coming time, MIK will constantly research and innovate to launch unique case products to the market, not only ensuring aesthetics but also satisfying the PC building needs of many customers, promising to adapt to the needs of customers. variety of PC components. Besides, there will be the most competitive and best prices distributed by TMC.

MIK case products have a 25 month WARRANTY, MIK SOURCE products have a WARRANTY OF UP TO 60 MONTHS (depending on the product), 1 for 1 exchange within 24 hours if there is a manufacturer error. Warranty products are recalculated for the warranty period. This can be said to be a unique policy brought by TMC Distributor to consumers with the hope that users will have the best experience about the brand and product.